Monday, January 30, 2012

And I am familiar with Cantonese

I graduated from Guangdong Zhaoqing University Mechanical Engineering and Automation undergraduate. During college I had through the National College English Test, also have some basis in science and engineering. And I am familiar with Cantonese, Mandarin and Chaoshan, in the language of communication has certain advantages. Currently I am in Guangzhou LOTES company. Although not a graduate English class related, but I have a good foundation in English, and has a commitment to continue to improve English proficiency. I am down to earth, a man prudent and meticulous work, is currently looking for technical support in English class or kind of work trade, and I have been involved in work for a year (IT hardware manufacturing background), I believe they will be more conducive to work smoothly.I have hobbies, strong hands. Affinity, can live in harmony with colleagues, reliable in any case, in any case have the patience, to be competent at their work.Gentle loneliness, passion and enterprising show on line, good Xueqin think good experience, optimism forever in the heart.1 I am optimistic, cheerful personality, others in good faith, there is a strong sense of responsibility and motivated.Wedding Favor Ideas
2 studious, and attend two professional (average score 85 points or more professional), and insist on improving the English communication skills, will train themselves into the compound talents.
3, careful work, passion for work, strong analytical skills, organizational skills, innovation and teamwork spirit.15 years of work experience, 5 years of management experience, he has engaged in technology, production, marketing, and the company's overall management. Long-term foreign work experience, English language proficiency. Currently manages the company's 150 employees. Have strong organizational skills and leadership skills5 years experience in project management, master PMBok knowledge, have relevant project management, project management and obtain PMP certification;
Product demand with pre-research, promotion, technical solutions experience in the production;With systems analysis / design, DB modeling, prototyping, system development technology experience;Practical stable, strong initiative and responsibility;
Good interpersonal and communication skills, strong organizational and leadership skillsOver 10 years in equipments management and maintenance, excellent in troubleshoot and budget, procurement, as long-term maintenance engineer and supervisor in Automotives, and also project manager for building new paint line as wellWedding Wear for Kids, Areas of expertise also include:I am a computer professional background and legal double, with integrated circuit (chip solutions, systems integration) industry for 15 years of sales, team building (I witnessed the formation of two sales teams), http://www.antionline.comteam management experience. Also have the listed companies, state-owned enterprises, foreign work experience. For project management, large customer tracking, industry promotion, marketing, etc. There are many success stories. Team performance for billions of dollars. Industrial customers with a military base (military academies, in electricity, aviation, aerospace, weapons, ships and other research institutes)
Professional skills and expertise

team leadership skills of people

Computer IT consumer electronics industry, multinational companies, retail, distribution, sales and sales management experience in the industry;Before graduation, a year advertising sales and management experience; after graduation, more than a thousand scale foreign-owned IT companies, brand pioneering Sales Representative / Commissioner / Development Manager, Regional Manager / office manager, sales channels, department manager positions experience. Apple is currently engaged in mobile phone and computer products salesI am a serious and responsible work, good team work, team leadership skills of people. Have the ability to think independently, have a high level of spoken business English and professional knowledge and international economic and trade marketing knowledge. Proactive, good at working constantly thinking, suitable for challenging work.With 5 years experience in telecommunications product development, familiar with the basic features and applications of electronic components, circuit design with a good independent skills and problem-solving skills, the integrity of the signal have a good view of the EMI on a certain understanding, have good English skills, have certain basic management experience.Familiar with SAP CRM Service-related knowledge and understanding of CRM knowledge of other modules, some knowledge about SAP ECC, some ABAP knowledge aboutSkilled use of office and project management software such as: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project
Understand the software development process and management, systems analysis and design methods, agile software development theory, object-oriented analysis and design, design patterns, UML, performance analysis and performance measurement theory, Java, HTTP, XML, CSS(1) in eight years of work, the experience of two new plant equipment installation, commissioning, to find trouble spots, as well as electrical and mechanical equipment upgrades such as a lot of detailed work.(2) master lift, conveyor and drive, proficient in EMS, filling, coating, pneumatic systems, and other equipment.
(3) Proficient Siemens PLC system, Hyundai Heavy Industries robots skilled operation and maintenance1 with 6 years of mold industry, production, management experience. Molds for the automotive industry with a certain awareness. Interior and exterior of the car costing more familiar mold.Best Wedding Flowers
2 I am cheerful, able to handle interpersonal relationships, and to establish good communication, with a strong self-learning ability, I will work for each fullTo go to completion.Afraid Kulei, proactive, self-confidence
My name is Dr, female, June 2011 college graduate. Second year in college has successfully passed the state English Test, a graduation and has been in Shanghai's foreign trade hardware tools to work. From work, I study hard, work hard, obey the leadership of the arrangements, work excellence, seriously. By six months of work experience, I not only learned a lot and acted outside the knowledge of books and training my team collaboration capabilities, but also improve their professional skills. I like to work, strict demands on themselves, united to help our colleagues. To improve the overall quality at the same time, I learned how to work, how to do a better job, more importantly, I learned how to behave. This is the biggest gain since my work. In college, I was very interested in international trade, not only successfully passed the national trade Vouching witnesses qualification test, made ​​a trade Vouching certificate, also participated in theUnique And Stylish Wedding Favors National Senior office software training. On the one hand, I trade to fill the knowledge gaps on the other hand, to expand my knowledge, the company learned a lot not only knowledge, but also gained a little experience, benefit, exercise a real operational capability. In the company I am responsible for document production, management based on the past six months practical work experience and capabilities, I want candidates. Like waiting for good news! I wish: success in your work! Getting better and better!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

able to work towards goals

Two years experience in logistics and client service with strong problem solving ability. Good Excel skills, An excellent learner, able to work towards goals. And a team player with good interpersonal skills.1.Be familiar with all aspects of manufacturing processes from supplier to customer;nike shoes
2.Strong background/experience in quality control of supplier/in-process/outgoing/customer;
3.Superior communication (written, verbal, presentations), team building skill;
4.Self-discipline, self-starter, ability to work in cross functional chi flat ironteam environment;
5.Strong decision making skills.No best, but better improvement.Aggressive, independent and be able cheap wedding gownsto work under cheap nike shoesa dynamic environment . Have coordination skills, teamwork spirit.chi hair straightener Studious nature and dedication are my greatest strengthsslingSense


Willing to work under pressure with leadership quality

The more than 5 years experience in admin area, enable me to work independently,mature and resourceful,and good communication skill to deal with personnel at all levels effectively, and also excellent ability of systematical managemencasual wedding dressest. Willing to work under pressure with leadership quality.beach wedding dresses
Career Objective:cheap evening dresses
The steady work platform what I am looking for to develop and continuously improve. 4 years experiences in developing and managing int’l consulting services; with high enthusiasm and interests in consulting services. Self-confident, diligency. Have good spirit of team work and strong communication and negotiation skills.Committed to working in int’l circumstance and work under pressures
Career Objective:cheap prom dresses
A position as project coordinator or assistant which will benefit from my 4 years of developing, managingcheap wedding dresses and implementing international consulting projects in foreign company.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

7 Unhealthiest Pasta Dishes in America

"I'm so confused," my friendtomorrow is another day Tania said recently.tomorrow is another day "Ten years ago I ate pasta all the time, because it was low-fat. Then five years ago I stopped eating pasta altogether, because it's high carb.silence hill silence hillNow they're saying pasta is actually good for me—again! What's the deal? Penne for your thoughts!"I sympathized with her confusion. After all, the world is filled with never take our Freedomdiet "gurus" who want to seize on this study or that one and make absurd rules about what you should "never" eat or "always" eat. And no food has been so praised A Discoveryand demonized as pasta. (Remember "carbo-loading"?) act is, pasta delivers a nice dose of quick energy for relatively few calories, and packs a bit of vitamins, minerals and fibera process of self-discovery as well—especially if you opt for whole-wheat varieties. (Barilla has introduced a line of whole-wheat pastas that taste just like regular pasta—check them out.) But the humble stalk of spaghetti is neither a blessing nor a curse—it's a tool. Indeed, the best way to think of pasta is as a delivery system for other foods, be they good (think antioxidant-packed marinara sauce) or evil (fat-loaded carbonara). And that means a pasta-heavy diet could lead to a healthier you—or just a heavier you.
Our motto at Eat This, Not That! is that you can eat what you want and still lose weight—without dieting—by making smart food swaps no matter where you are. And that can be said about pasta dishes, as well—you just need to be aware of which platters fall within the realm of nutritional normalcy, and which ones are egregious mounds of calories and carbs. Below, see the seven worst pasta dishes in America—and what you should eat instead!The flavor and fat both come from the garlic-infused cream sauce--which gives this dish a full day's worth of saturated fat and sodium! Fact is, any time you order a meat that comes with white sauce, you can cut hundreds of calories by asking to have it prepared with nutrient-rich marinara instead. Ultimately, sauce is what’ll make or break your pasta dish. Take the Venetian Apricot Chicken, for example. The apricot-citrus sauce covering the chicken is broth-based, which makes it more akin to soup than the oily concoctions you’re used to.

Gotta collect 'em all: The ten rarest video games

Though most games are meant to be played, some work best when they're left untouched. Just ask the North Carolina man who a world in a grain of sandrecently stumbled upon a sealed copy of the ultra-rare game Stadium Events in his basement, which promptly netted him an unheard-of $40,000. That's one helluva high score. But toHold infinity expert game collector JJ Hendricks of JJ Games, who himselftouches your heart made headlines when he plunked down $17,500 for a rare Nintendo game, that score could get much, much higher.
Raid the closets and scour the attic -- here's Hendricks' picks for the top ten treasures in gaming.
A gray version of Nintendo World Make youself a better personChampionships. 90 of these were given away to contestants during the 1990 competition, so it's not as rare as the gold version (see below). Both the gold and gray cartridgesWhatever happens,happens for a reason are distinctive because they have a dip switch in the upper left corner so the length of the game can be changed. This should make them easy to spot." We're sure that makes the affected individuals feel much better. Unless, that is, they've incurred overdraft fees from their banks, been late on their bills, or wasted hours on the phone with their credit card companies.It's not the first time billing for online RPGs has gone awry, either. Our advice: any time you allow a third-party to bill your bank account directly, you're exposing yourself to this sort of problem. Avoid it by buying multiple months at a time (which'll usually save you a few bucks) or, safer still, by using the pre-paid game cards you'll find cropping up at an increasing number of retailers: everywhere from game stores to gas stations.Have you been overcharged by an online game? Tell us your story in the comments.

Self Assessment

I am sure of my learning and working men's nike shoesduring thesemen's nike shoes years in the multinational can be a basis, it will contribute to me for the job. I have strong ability to master the procedures in international trade and business areas. I have good presentation and communication skills, and also have chi hair chi hair straightenersstraightenersabilities in contract audit and data analysis. I have some knowlege in Finace area.I am able to work well under high pressure and time limitation. I could envisage all difficulties and real challenges. Career Objective:WesTrac is one of the four Agents of Caterpillar in China, from these years working experience, I have grasped the procedures in drawing up a business contract and could negotiate with customers about the contractcheap ralph lauren polo shirts cheap ralph lauren polo shirtsterms and conditions according to company policy. I can follow up the whole ordering process, place order to factory ; arrange shipment according to contract specifications; prepare delivery notification and Customs documents for client ,work with finance department tightly to track the receipt of the payment, etc.For the L/C payment term contract, I have the ability to review the L/C terms according to contract clause, request customer to do amendment if there is any discrepancy. Arrange shipment upon received the formal L/C from bank , submit the original document to bank after shipment became effective.Collect all US Dollar and RMB sales contracts from all branches, file them orderly, update the implementation details in weekly report.Place the warranty orders to Caterpillar upon the warranty report issued by Service department. Deal with the shortage & transportation claim issues, collect the support documents then submit claim order to related persons. Track the progress accordingly.Do parts quotation according to customer's inquiry, mark the delivery details in quotation and alert sales person to track the acceptance with customer.Set up customers information according to their industries,locations and machine model no.s in system. Update the customer information regularly, review customers' credit limitation and discount percentage with sales manager termly.
Export sales data of all divisions from ordering system every month, analyze and verify the data correctness, calculate sales commission to each CSR(customer service representative) monthly.Understand the KPI report of parts deptI have been nominated as the annual excellent staff in